Construction & Renovation Cleaning Services

Our Story

Why does Studio 33 Design Concepts offer cleaning services? Here's the story.

Because our clients know the kind of service and care we take with our interior design projects. Obsessive? Absolutely!

It all began as a modest meticulous residential Domestic Engineer (The Polish-Italian Housewife, or maid depending on how you look at it). In 1987 my clients' were Real Estate Developers, Property Management Companies, and residential clients that spent their days doing their professional jobs. I was hired right out of one of those clients homes to become a Client Service Marketing Representative with a new automotive startup company introducing a simple engine cleaning machine. That's how the rest of Studio 33's business model got its great start. Customer Service


Studio 33 Design Concepts

Monica M. Gioeli


We are great at this part of project management!

Studio 33 Design Concepts knows the value of new product installations and we pride ourselves on knowing exactly how to treat every corner of the construction residue from heavy debris to the fine dust and polish. Send us an email or just call to schedule your consultation.